Ankit Fadia Certified Ethical Hacker Program

Ankit Fadia Certified Ethical Hacker Program

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About Course

Ankit FadiaTM Certified Ethical Hacker Program 9.0 is India's largest and most widely recognized certification and training course on Ethical Hacking. Learn the latest computer security tools, techniques & methods related to Ethical Hacking from world-renowned Computer Security Guru Ankit Fadia and open various career opportunities for yourself! The AFCEH program is the only way of being personally trained by Ankit Fadia - a world renowned ethical hacker, computer security expert, author of 14 bestselling books, consultant to multinational companies and host of the very popular MTV show: What the Hack!
The demand for cyber security experts is rising at a tremendously high rate the world over. According to a recent NASSCOM report on Information Security (IS) Manpower Demand Estimation - "As per IDC, the worldwide demand for IS Services was approximately $8 billion in 2001, estimated to grow to $23.6 billion by 2006. Correspondingly, there is a growing demand for IS professionals - this research pegs the current demand for IS professionals at over 18,000 in India and over 60,000 worldwide. This is estimated to grow to over 77,000 in India and 188,000 worldwide in next couple of years."
Course Objective
The course is designed to develop your knowledge and understanding of concepts and techniques related to Ethical Hacking. The course is designed to enable you to:

 Understand the latest tools, techniques and methods being used by cyber criminals & terrorist and how to fight them

 Watch and learn from demonstrations where Ankit Fadia will hack into websites, accounts, mobile phones and passwords right in front of your eyes

 Protect yourself and your company against the most dangerous cyber security threats on the Internet

 Interact directly with Ankit Fadia - author of 15 bestselling books, MTV Youth Icon 2008, host of MTV What the Hack and world renowned computer security expert

The Ankit FadiaTM Certified Ethical Hacker Program 9.0 can be pursued both by experienced computer security specialists as well as beginners with keen interest in this domain. Ideally, it is recommended that participants should have basic prior knowledge of networking (TCP/IP) concepts and programming before joining this course. However, that is not an absolute requirement since participants like college students, school students, corporate representatives, industry experts, police, government officials and cyber security veterans have been successfully trained on this course in the past.
The classes for this programme will be held through a combination of live and recorded lectures that will be beamed online via internet to student desktops/laptops or classrooms using Talentedge’s Direct To Device platform. A minimum of 70% attendance to the virtual online lectures is a prerequisite for the successful completion of this programme. All enrolled students will also be provided access to other learning aids, reference materials and assessments as appropriate. Throughout the duration of the course, students will have the flexibility to reach out to the faculty, real time during the LIVE lectures or offline to raise questions and clear their doubts.
At the end of the course students will also be allocated Project Work that is designed to provide adequate practical and hand on experience in implementing the concepts learn during the course.
As a part of this program, students will also receive a set of 3 books authored by Fadia, ABSOLUTELY FREE.
There will be one project work and one final objective online assessment held at the end of the course and students who successfully clear the same will be awarded a Certificate issued jointly by Ankit FadiaTM and TALENTEDGE as appropriate.
On the payment of all due tuition and program fees and the successful completion of the end course assessment, students will be awarded a Certificate issued jointly by Ankit FadiaTM and TALENTEDGE as appropriate.


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Course Benefits

 Learn from and interact with ANKIT FADIA™ - one of the most respected and globally renowned authorities on computer security

 Become an ANKIT FADIA™ CERTIFIED ETHICAL HACKER - a certification program recognized in the internet security industry the world over

 Add VALUE to your resume, improve your job prospects or get an edge over your colleagues w.r.t career enhancement

 Pursue a career in the HOT & BOOMING computer security consulting industry

 Get copies of 3 Best Selling books by ANKIT FADIA™, absolutely FREE!

 Complete a designated TRAINING PROJECT that is designed to provide adequate practical and hand on experience in implementing the concepts learn during the course. Also satisfy academic requirements for winter/summer training

 Fully Online Course with Recorded and LIVE online interactive lectures that provides a “real” classroom experience in a “virtual” environment

 Seamless technology that can transmit lecture videos effectively at home broadband connection of 512 kbps

 User friendly and easy to use technology interface. No expensive and time consuming software/hardware installations required at your end

 Convenient weekend schedules

 Learn from Anywhere – No need to travel to an institute or training center. Learning continues even if you are traveling or not available at any specific location. You may also learn from the comfort of your home






The course will include lectures and learning material on the following topics.

 Introduction to Ethical Hacking

 IP Enumeration and Tracing

 IP Hiding and Bypassing Restrictions Part 1

 IP Hiding and Bypassing Restrictions Part 2

 HTTP Tunnelling, Unblocking Websites and People Hacking

 Network Reconnaissance & Information Gathering

 Network Reconnaissance & Information Gathering Part 2

 Network Reconnaissance & Information Gathering Part 3

 Launching Attacks with Metasploit

 Spoofing Attacks, Google Dorking and Website Enumeration.

 Trojans, Keyloggers and Spyware Attacks

 Password Cracking Attacks Part 1

 Password Cracking Attacks Part 2

 Password Cracking Attacks Part 3

 Data Encryption, Data Hiding and Steganography

 DOS Attacks

 Distributed DOS Attacks

 Web Attacks

 Cookie Stealing and Session Hijacking Part 1

 Phishing Attacks

 Phishing Attacks & Open Redirection Attacks

 Cross Site Scripting Attacks

 Data Sniffing & ARP Poisoning

 SQL Injection

 Advanced SQL Injection

 25 Attacks with Backtrack

 Meterpreter & Post Exploitation Attacks

 Advanced Meterpreter & Post Exploitation Attacks

 Post Exploitation Scripts and Modules

 Shell Attacks

 Wi-Fi Cracking

 Computer Forensics & Honeypots

 Social Engineering Toolkit Attacks

 Kali Hacking

 Advanced Kali Hacking




Schedule and Fee

Course Schedule & Duration

Batch Number AF-09-0716-01
Date of Course Commencement
21st January 2017
Admissions to Sept 16 Batch - Open
Duration of the Course 15 weeks
Schedule of Classes 03.00 p.m. to 05.00 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday evening.
Program Fee
For Indian Residents: Rs.10,000 + Tax
For Other International Students: USD 245 + Shipping charges at actuals
For Students from SAARC nations: USD 195 + Shipping charges at actuals
To know more about the application process, please call our academic counsellors at +91 8376 000 600.