Selfie Scan

Are you someone who has always pondered what career is best suited for your personality? Are you a numbers person or a people’s person Are you artistic or realist? If you're still wondering, look no further, take our Selfie Scan assessment to know the answer. It will tell you everything about yourself that you ever wanted to know.

Designed to sharply scan your personality, interests, skills and values, Selfie Scan assessment will provide you a laser sharp insight regarding the career trajectory you should pursue.

Go Getter

Check if nothing demotivates you and you strive hard to achieve what you set you


Like to build an expertise and master the art. May be you are a champion


Direct and guide. Be it people or businesses. Is that your passion? Then you are a leader

Know yourself

Driving decisions via eye for detail. Is that you? We can tell you.

All it takes is 15 minutes and simple questions to guide you in your choice of the abundant career choices available in the market. You will not only have fun as you get involved in taking this assessment, you will also get a personalized report with comprehensive analysis within 24 hours.