Success Stories

success Stories

  • The objective was to orient the store staff to Adidas’s culture of working, the organizational structure and individual job descriptions.
  • The challenge faced by Adidas is the frequency of training required due to attrition levels and the reach required to train the store staff.
  • Trained 2000 franchisee store staff across India.
  • Participants undergo an online assessment on existing product, sales knowledge and customer service knowledge. This provides a platform to measure the training effectiveness.
  • Participants were made to observe the functioning of Adidas stores for 3 days during the pre-training stage.
  • In addition to the 3 day ILT, Talentedge proposed a one hour refresher session per month via the virtual medium.
  • After 20 days, an online assessment was conducted on product, sales, customer service concepts and knowledge on Adidas to gauge the knowledge transfer.

IFFCO-Tokyo employees were trained in ILT (Instructor Led Training) mode by:

  • In House Content Development
  • Train-the-trainer by SMEs to 150+ root trainers
  • Root trainers traveled across country to train FOS employees. The process ramp up took 45 days
  • Paper-based assessments to evaluate the knowledge transfer, manual checking of results
  • Limited assistance for associates who missed the training sessions
  • Streamlined the training process for ~ 8,000 sales promoters
  • Provided valuable insights to clients to streamline future learning requirements
  • Expanded the reach to 837 locations
  • Disseminated new product knowledge to ~4500 employees effectively every month
  • Trained 2000+ distributed sales Force on the new device introduced by Parle for automation of their field sales process
  • Handheld ‘laggards’ to get them at par with the new system
  • Established a centralized asset inventory tracking system

We have trained and Assessed close to 3000+ employees of Ministry of Agriculture in the 7 Pilot States (Karnataka, Maharashtra, MP, Jharkhand, Himachal Pradesh, Assam, Kerala) and in 45 cities. Key Deliverables for this project were:

Case Study for SI - Capacity Building- Basic Computer Training Rollout Project for Ministry of Agriculture through HP in 7 States in 45 Cities:

We have trained and Assessed close to 3300+ employees of Ministry of Agriculture across 7 States in 45 cities on Basic Computer Skills for IT Capacity building. Key Deliverables for this project were:

  • Content Development: Create ILT Training content for Training and courseware for the participants across these States on Basic IT, MS 8 OS, Internet, Open Office and Email.
  • Schedule Training Plan: Create Training plan, schedule training calendar across 7 states in 45 cities and execute the same as per the plan & calendar. Also check the logistics of the courseware & stationary across the Training locations.
  • Training Administration- Project Management: Allocated Project team & administered the complete project as per the plan and shared analytics & reports on Attendance, Feedback, and Assessment & Batch complete certificate to the concern stakeholders of HP.
  • Assessment: We assessed all the Trainee audiences on the knowledge attained from the training program on regular basis and took necessary action if required to maintain high learning curve.

Duration of the Project: 6+ Months.