Talentedge Advantage


LEARNING - The Traditional Way

Talentedge SME extracts exhaustive details from the client and application developers to curate & create high quality training material for Instructor Led Training/CBT/WBT

Courseware preparation and training module identification to maximize learning effectiveness

Case study driven approach enhances training impact

Paraphrasing of content in regional languages to maximize the learning curve

LEARNING -The Talentedge Way

Process managers work in sync with pedagogy experts to define more effective learning work flows

Hand-holding of end users and reorganization of sessions for associates who missed training sessions

Train-the-Trainer sessions by SMEs to Talentedge instructors



STANDARDIZED: Standardized training delivery through direct to device virtual learning academy

LIVE: Interactive online classes that allow for real-time, two way interaction, question & answer sessions, polls and assessments

DIRECT TO DEVICE: The freedom to learn anytime and from anywhere through multiple devices

ENGAGEMENT: A high degree of engagement is ensured through continuous and unique interaction and gamification techniques, with trainees rewarded through contests and other focused events

CLOUD: A Cloud Campus allows for unique value additions like online collaboration, social interactions, additional offline videos (on-demand), interactive course materials & recorded courseware (on cloud based LMS)

DATA ANALYTICS AND TRACKING: Advanced analytics and tools are leveraged to track performance and participation levels of employees, and distill critical, significant and actionable insights for management

Live Streaming Session

On Demand Video

Virtual Learning Platform


Individual Learner

Training Venueor Centers


Interactive social
learning platforms
to assess knowledge
transfer better

Gamified Quizzes
and Competitions
for effective


Post Learning

  • Strong Assessment Research Team with over 100+ alidated product offerings.
  • Assesses over 400,000 users each year using scalable and cure assessment engine
  • First Indian company with an affiliate membership of International Test Commission.
  • Envisaged the first ever “India Skills Report, 2014” with PeopleStrong and Confederation of Indian Industry.
  • Certified by IBM Rational Performance Tool
  • Endorsed by Confederation of Indian Industry & Association of Indian University


On-the-job hand-holding is critical for large scale application rollouts to be successful.Talentedge identifies engineers with the required skill sets and assigns them to respective locations to provide support to end users at their working locations.

Hand holding activity includes the following support function at customer location.

Use of application

Tagging & tracking of assets

Hardware highline & support on daily basis

Application deployment

Problem logging with respective OEM's

Problem logging with system integrator help desk

Asset & application productivity tracking


  • Asset tagging and tracking
  • Participant attendance tracking
  • Training performance and refresher training tracking
  • GPS enabled cloud based attendance tracking system
  • Asset performance
  • Location readiness
  • Hand holder deployment
  • Monthly sign off
  • Daily call report
  • Resolution report
  • Call status report
  • Escalation report